Kimi multiple handcuffed

2019-07-20 Kimi 7:20 minutes and 73 images Bondage

Trying to escape very hard

2019-07-18 Mitzi Lamore 16:25 minutes Bondage
Trying to escape very hard 1
Trying to escape very hard 2

I was bored, so i had to try the new toys of course, but since the keys were in reach... Tom had to make it harder for me! Mean! At least he was kind enough to give me some tools as helping aid ;)
If you want to see how and if i get the keys, then watch this video! There is much to laugh :D

Handcuffed in the forest

2019-07-18 Mitzi Lamore 10:16 minutes and 30 images Bondage
Handcuffed in the forest 1
Handcuffed in the forest 2
Handcuffed in the forest 3
Handcuffed in the forest 4

My first outdoor video! It was as always lots of fun even if i felt like Gollum Walking around bend over hihi. And no, the wet spot on my pants isn't from me but from wet moss ;)