Trying to escape very hard

2019-07-18 Mitzi Lamore 16:25 minutes Bondage
Trying to escape very hard 1
Trying to escape very hard 2

I was bored, so i had to try the new toys of course, but since the keys were in reach... Tom had to make it harder for me! Mean! At least he was kind enough to give me some tools as helping aid ;)
If you want to see how and if i get the keys, then watch this video! There is much to laugh :D

Leslie wants to be cuffed tightly

2018-07-28 Leslie 14:56 minutes Bondage
Leslie wants to be cuffed tightly 1
Leslie wants to be cuffed tightly 2

Leslie träumt schon seit langem davon, das sie mal so richtig streng und fest mit vielen Handschellen und Fusschellen an einen Stuhl gekettet wird. Jetzt ergibt sich die Gelegenheit, da gerade ein guter Freund da ist. Das dumme nur der hat keine Lust und Leslie muss nachhelfen. Evtl. hilft ja ein wenig oben ohne ;-)


Kathleen interviewed

2017-11-11 Kathleen 9:17 minutes Bondage
Kathleen interviewed 1
Kathleen interviewed 2

She will be interviewed and in the rest time she is playing a little bit soccer in legirons.....

Arrested in business clothes

2017-10-28 Nina 16:06 minutes Bondage
Arrested in business clothes 1
Arrested in business clothes 2

Nina is local reporter and want to visit the local prison. And she wants to try all features, include the not so comfortable ones.

So she will be cuffed with legirons and handcuffs, first in front, then behind her back, attached to her belly chain. And later the gets a nylon mask on her head for more security.