Long term hogtied real

Senta 32:57 minutes
Long term hogtied real 1
Long term hogtied real 2

Senta wants to try to see if she can hold out for 30 minutes with handcuffs in the hogtie. The handcuffs are really tight and the chains very short ud after halftime she gets a big ball gag in her mouth. One notices more and more how exhausting it is and how she has to fight........

For lovers of longer, exhausting bondage.

Silly babysitter in problems 1
Silly babysitter in problems 2

Leslie's making money babysitting again. So far it has always worked out wonderfully, little work, the little one was always very well-behaved and left her alone, so easily earned money.

What she doesn't suspect yet, this time things will turn out differently ;-)

Already after a short time the little one whimpers more and more, which is boring to him. Leslie thinks so itself, yes well, then we play with him just what. She is slightly surprised when he suddenly arrives with a pair of handcuffs (he probably found it somewhere). She has no idea about it, but that's for sure, such "fake handcuffs" for xxx, she thinks herself.

Well, then it was on me, but only when you finally give up!

After a short time the little one comes back again, this time with fuzz cuffs. Now she thinks it's a bit weird, but she wants him to finally give it a rest, so just this one more time, ok?

Unfortunately she is now so helpless that she can't prevent him from putting a ball gag in her mouth, she "parks" in the hogtie on the floor and pulls up her shirt ;-) At the latest now she realizes that she is in serious trouble, because the parents will soon come back from the cinema and they certainly don't like it that her babysitter, who wants to be paid and should take care of the little one, now lies helpless and half naked on the floor. This will surely give trouble and no more orders :-(

Englisch spoken girl hogcuffed 1
Englisch spoken girl hogcuffed 2

Leslie lies helplessly topless and in handcuffs and legcuffs on her sofa when her neighbour suddenly stands there. I guess she forgot to close the door. As if that wasn't bad enough already, she only speaks English and her neighbour only speaks German. So ideal for communication!

First he tries to free her, because he thinks that she has been attacked, but with time he finds pleasure in her, he helplessness, but not in her unaware talk, so that he prefers to put the nice big gag in her mouth again, so that finally there is peace.

Her situation doesn't improve with the time either, because he finds more and more beautiful things in her apartment and then your hair is tied up, your elbows etc......"if I could only tell him damn well that he should get rid of me" ;-)

Leslie hogcuffed

Leslie 19:14 minutes Bondage
Leslie hogcuffed 1
Leslie hogcuffed 2

She is bored and so it comes as no surprise that she has just found a pile of handcuffs and footcuffs. So she makes herself comfortable and chains herself up with relish. Of course she takes off almost all her clothes beforehand, otherwise you won't feel anything.

The stupid thing is that the handcuffs belong to her neighbour who is not enthusiastic about what she is doing. Because his wife can always come back from shopping, although there is still a little time left ;-) So he annoys her a little bit and chains her lying on her stomach neatly to the hogtie. Of course, the ball gag must not be forgotten.

Finally, he locks her up in the basement so his wife won't know.

Leslie wants to be cuffed tightly 1
Leslie wants to be cuffed tightly 2

Leslie has been dreaming for a long time that she will be chained to a chair with many handcuffs and footcuffs. Now's the chance, with a good friend here right now. The only stupid thing is he doesn't feel like it and Leslie has to help. Possibly helps a little topless ;-)