Maren neckcuffed

Maren 9:41 minutes and 109 images Bondage
Reporter is going to Jail 1
Reporter is going to Jail 2

Reporter Katharina reports from prison and goes through all the steps herself including safety net over her face.

Take off her clothes and put on prison clothes, handcuffs, fusscuffs, shoes, walk through long corridors with fusscuffs and finally she gets a sciherity net over her face.

It was a dream video!

Sophia tied up in a standing pillory 1
Sophia tied up in a standing pillory 2

Sophia wants to see how long she can hold out in a stand-up pillory. It is fixed to the arms, hands, legs and neck in steel cuffs so that it can practically no longer move.

So now she has to stand as long as possible without a break. The video is about 30 minutes long, but Sophia was caught about 90 minutes at a time, but had to shorten the video here. But the video shows the whole 90 min, you notice how she fidgets more and more with the time....... ;-)

Searchig for the cuff keys 1
Searchig for the cuff keys 2

Katharina is handcuffed to the floor, then Hogtie is handcuffed to the mouth with footcuffs and a ball gag. So she lies for a while and winds herself in her shackles. Her top is pulled down and she has to look for the key and try to free herself. But she fears she won't succeed and ends up completely helpless with handcuffs chained to her bed.......