Kathleen interviewed

2017-11-11 Kathleen 9:17 minutes Bondage
Kathleen interviewed 1
Kathleen interviewed 2

She will be interviewed and in the rest time she is playing a little bit soccer in legirons.....

Arrested in business clothes

2017-10-28 Nina 16:06 minutes Bondage
Arrested in business clothes 1
Arrested in business clothes 2

Nina is local reporter and want to visit the local prison. And she wants to try all features, include the not so comfortable ones.

So she will be cuffed with legirons and handcuffs, first in front, then behind her back, attached to her belly chain. And later the gets a nylon mask on her head for more security.

Nina arrested

2017-10-14 Nina 11:08 minutes Bondage
Nina arrested 1
Nina arrested 2

She is arrested and cuffed with handcuffs in front and legirons and has to walk through the basement corridors. She has to wear prisoner clothes.