Next door girl Letizia cuffed

Letizia 14:40 minutes and 109 images Bondage
Lady in cuffs and legirons 1
Lady in cuffs and legirons 2

She is walking through a parking level and elevator and stairs.....

Spanked prisoner

Mitzi Lamore 10:24 minutes Bondage
Spanked prisoner 1
Spanked prisoner 2

Guilty! But Mister constable i am innocent! :P
Innocent... yes thats something i always claim to be, if i am or not thats... well... your decission ;)
At least my uniform said that i am not!
The flogger was really mean... i wasnt even able to run off as he started to hit me *pouts*
I am getting hit quite a lot in this video... but it was fun :D

Handcuff fun in the snow

Mitzi Lamore 6:40 minutes and 67 images Bondage
Handcuff fun in the snow 1
Handcuff fun in the snow 2

Yay, Winter! It finally did snow!
Over night big flocks of snow fell and did paint the land white. So Tom and me decided to go outside and have fun.
I tought, if we go outside, i want some fun as well. So i packed up my hot pink cuffs and secretly took leg cuffs as well - but that plan didnt go as expected :D
A snowball fight would have been fun, but Tom was once again a party breaker! Hmpf!