Extreme tight Irish 8 handcuffs 1
Extreme tight Irish 8 handcuffs 2

First we tried a very heavy hand-foot pillory on our new bondage bunny, but her feet were not suitable, so we had to use instead some Irish 8 handcuff and footcuffs. And the handcuffs was VERY TIGHT, I think the tightest ones in the last years. She was not able to move her hands an inch. You can see it on her red hands, very tight. But she has fun and she likes cuffs, very tight cuffs. :-)

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June 28, 2015 22:13 anonymous ★★★★★ Das enge Fesseln von Taylor mit den Irish 8 handcuffs (und legirons) gefällt mir sehr gut und ist sehr erotisch. Weiter so!
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