Englisch spoken girl hogcuffed 1
Englisch spoken girl hogcuffed 2

Leslie lies helplessly topless and in handcuffs and legcuffs on her sofa when her neighbour suddenly stands there. I guess she forgot to close the door. As if that wasn't bad enough already, she only speaks English and her neighbour only speaks German. So ideal for communication!

First he tries to free her, because he thinks that she has been attacked, but with time he finds pleasure in her, he helplessness, but not in her unaware talk, so that he prefers to put the nice big gag in her mouth again, so that finally there is peace.

Her situation doesn't improve with the time either, because he finds more and more beautiful things in her apartment and then your hair is tied up, your elbows etc......"if I could only tell him damn well that he should get rid of me" ;-)