Cuffed in the dark

2017-09-09 − Mitzi Lamore − 9:21 minutes and 79 images
Cuffed in the dark 1
Cuffed in the dark 2
Cuffed in the dark 3
Cuffed in the dark 4

I found a new hot bondage girl for my third site

Her name is Mitzi Lamore and she loves to be tied up very strong and tight, so she can´t move an inch and is totally helpless. And she loves big ballgags too, so she is very happy, when she is tied up and gagged extremly.

Have a nice time and join the new (mostly tight) bondage adventues of Mitzi Lamore.

Cuffed in the park

2017-07-29 − Nina − 16:24 minutes
Cuffed in the park 1
Cuffed in the park 2

Thais was a custom video, Nina should go in cuffs and legirons in the park, wearing a jump suit.