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Surgery nurse hogcuffed and topless

January 14, 2017 — 14:04 minutes of Tamara

Surprise for Tamara part 2

January 07, 2017 — 12:16 minutes of Tamara

New babysitter will be cheated

December 31, 2016 — 12:49 minutes of Senta

Surprise for Tamara part 1

December 24, 2016 — 13:57 minutes of Tamara

I will get out of these handcuffs

December 17, 2016 — 14:15 minutes of Senta

Bondage newbie Senta came to a handcuff and bondage shop. She thought that she can get out of all handcuffs without problems.

She wants to try it out. "Please handcuff me really tight". After a few minutes she realizes that it will be more difficult than she thought.......she struggles, but no chance. The shop owner add legirons, more handucffs and big ballgag ;-) So she has enough time over the night to get out......


Neckcuff fun with 2 hotties

December 10, 2016 — 17:58 minutes of Senta, Tamara

Tamara and Senta find some handcuffs and legirons on a sofa......after she finds out how the handcuffs work, they want to try out, especially Senta (never before handcuffed). "I want to try out"
After cuffing each other, Tom is coming home from work and find the two girls helpless and cuffed. "Thats the right time for coming home" ;-)

So Tom add some chains, two ballgags, attached to the wall, Tamara topless, no chance to get the keys........thats the right after work present :-)


I want prosecco and I got handcuffs

December 03, 2016 — 16:21 minutes of Tamara

Tamara, a rich business girl ordered 2 prosecco for the evening in the boring hotel. She calls the room service for prosecco. After it banges at the door and the butler brings the bottles, she see a really surprise.

The man catches her and tie her up with handcuffs and legirons. For more silence she also gets a big ballgag in her mouth. He raises her shirt and take away her bra, so her big tits are visible for all. Before he leaves the room, she also will be blindfolded and then she is ready for struggling the whole night.....


Chained babysitter naked

November 26, 2016 — 18:37 minutes of Tamara

Babysitter in big trouble

November 16, 2016 — 13:43 minutes of Tamara

Tamara is walking in cuffs at the basement

November 05, 2016 — 15:07 minutes of Tamara